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How to Prepare For Your Boudoir Session

Yay! You’ve booked your boudoir photoshoot with us and now it is time to prepare! I know it can feel intimidation, so I wanted to take moment to give you some boudoir prep tips!

CLICK HERE if you haven’t booked your session yet to schedule a phone consultation.

Decide on your Lingerie and other outfits.

We have a client closet, so you are totally allowed to show up without any personal items and you’ll still have a great experience. However, we do recommend that you bring at least one outfit that you love and that you know that fits. Everybody has a different body type and while we do have a wide range of sizes available in the closet (S – XXXXL), sometimes a piece you love may just not be available in your size or for your specific body type.

I also recommend bringing something personal that is a tad more modest. Sometimes it helps to start the session off in something less revealing to get over the nerves!  This could be a sports jersey if you (or your spouse) have a favorite team. A band t-shirt is always a lot of fun to incorporate. If you have a favorite chunky sweater, bring that and you can pair that with a cute pair of undies. Get creative! Once, we had a baker bring an apron and another brought her favorite sundress.

Again, this is all optional! We have you covered if you simply don’t have anything.

Make sure you have black and nude underwear.

We do ask you to bring a black and a nude thong (the more skimpy, the better – think g-string!) to wear underneath any borrow items. Also, many of our bodysuits are cup-less, so if you’d prefer to wear a bra underneath the teddies to add in some extra support, bring a black bra. If this step is causing you lots of stress, please reach out for help!


Consider props

At the studio, we have a limited amount of props. We’ve got our floor-length angel wings to make you feel like a goddess, and some body chains, cupcakes, fake ice and several other little things as well! If you are looking for something a little more on the kink side, we do have cuffs, a blind fold and cute feather. But, think if there is anything that represents you and your hobbies and/or interest that you could bring along! Things past clients have brought include boxing gloves, a cliff jumping rig, crystals, skulls, a guitar, a (unsharpened) machete and more! Unfortunately, for insurance reasons, we cannot allow real or fake firearms into the studio, so leave your gun at home, please!


Brunette uses a purple sheet to cover while sitting and smiling against a window.

Be ready for a work out!

Boudoir can be a bit of a work out! Some of the poses are difficult to get into and can be hard to hold. Please just trust that we know what we are doing and that even if it feels uncomfortable, the image will look amazing! I do recommend stretching before your session. Doing a bit of light stretching before your session can make some of the poses easier and can prevent next-day soreness!  Each Emerald Fox client receives one free week of yoga at our sister company, Yogi Colorado! Just go to yogicolorado.com/contact and ask for your free week – be sure to mention you are doing a boudoir session with us!

Boudoir pose using a mirror.

Stay out of the Sun

Or at least wear sunscreen! Tan lines are often unavoidable in the summer months and I actually think they can look kind of sexy because the camera is seeing what not even the sun sees! The being said, redness and burns from the sun are not ideal. This is often very difficult to edit out and if sometimes not possible. If you don’t love your tan lines, please consider booking a spray tan appointment. Milk and Vivid in Littleton, CO is a great facility!

If your shoot is coming up and you are experiencing noticeable sunburns, reach out as soon as possible to discuss your options!

Do not try a fad-diet or attempt to lose 10 pounds before your session.

Boudoir is all about loving yourself in the skin that you are in! You are gorgeous at your current weight and it will come through in the photos – I promise!

I use light, angles and shadows to highlight the features you love and to hide the parts of your body you may not feel like showcasing, so 10 pounds really won’t make that much of a difference anyway. If you area already on a health or fitness journey, by all means, keep it up. Just don’t feel like you have to get in shape specifically for this event.

Fingers and Toes

Nail paint is entirely up to you! Go elegant with a french tip, crazy with a pattern, polish-free or anywhere in between! If you love the look of fake nails, but don’t like applying or can never find the time for the nail salon, go to King Soopers and grab some glue on nails to apply the morning of your shoot.

Pro-Tip: If you decide to go the polish route, use the same color on your hands and feet.

Two-Weeks Out Prep Deadlines

As your session gets closer, start doing these things:

Two Weeks Out

– Moisture your face and lips daily

– Drink lots of water

– Stay out of the sun

– Stretch your legs and back

– Make sure you have black and nude underwear – order some if you don’t!

– If you are considering making a major hair change, do it now! You’ll want time to reverse it if you decide you don’t like it.

One Week Out

Contact Yogi Colorado to start your free week!

3-5 Days Out

– If you wax, do it now to avoid bumps or redness.

– Get a mani/pedi

– Drink lots of water.

– Remove tags from the outfits you are bringing.

Just the sheets boudoir pose featuring blonde with silver sheets.

The Day Before!

– Shower and moisturize

– Shave, but beware of razor burn! Use a new razor in a brand you trust.

– Avoid Alcoholic beverages, they can make your skin look dehydrated and dull.

– Drink lots of water.

– Pack for the session, so you don’t have to stress the day of! Heels, lingerie, props, accessories.

The Morning of!

– Relax and relish in not having to do your hair and make-up! (Do apply a little face moisturizer)

– Use clear deodorant

– On the way to your shoot, wear loose clothing and no bra and panties. You don’t want clothing lines on your skin.

– RELAX! This will be a fun and empowering experience – you deserve it!

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions about A Boudoir Empowerment Session

1. Do I need to bring my own outfits for a boudoir empowerment session?

Nope! I have a client closet available to you with lingerie pieces from in size small to XXXL. Bring a black or a nude thong to wear underneath my garments. You are definitely allowed to bring your own garments though! For inspiration on what to wear, check out my blog:


2. Can I bring props?

Yes! Bring anything that you can see yourself incorporating into your session – cowboy hat/boots, crystals, his shirt, a special cup, anything that you can think up! We’ve had everything Star Wars light sabers to a paddle board oar to a favorite novel!


3. What sort of products do you offer?

We have wall art, although we know that’s not for everyone! We also have luxury albums that are great for keeping your images for your eyes only! Little Black Books if you are looking for something more budget friendly, glass heirloom boxes, calendars, retro photo viewers and, of course, digital images! 


Brunette posing on a red satin bed.

4. Do I need to know how to pose?

Absolutely not!!! I will tell you what to do, where to put your toes, your fingers, everything! All you have to do is show-up!


5. Do I do my own hair and make-up?

Nope! We bring in a professional artist dedicated to making you feel and look gorgeous! We only ask for a selfie to send to the artist in advance!


6. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I have payment plans starting as low as $50 per month! I believe you should get to feel empowered KNOW and not after you’ve managed to pay off the photos. Therefore, we release the photos and/or products to you even before the payment plan is completely paid off! Our financing plans come with 0% interest and $0 fees.


7. I don’t think I want my photos shared, will you keep them private?

Of course! I take client privacy very seriously and will only share images if I have gotten express permission. If you prefer to keep them private, I am more than happy to keep them that way.





8. Do I need to get naked?

Absolutely not! I shoot in everything from flow-y dresses and chunky sweaters to fully nude! I am completely happy with whatever you are comfortable with and will never ask you to go beyond that place that you are happy in. There is no pressure at all to go beyond your comfort level.

9. The women on your website are absolutely stunning and look like models. There is no way that I’ll look that.

Believe it or not, this is my most commonly asked question! Many of these women featured here have said the same thing! I hear so often, “I need to lose 20 pounds before my shoot.” or “I’m not pretty enough for boudoir.”, or even, “I”m ugly.” I’m here to tell you that boudoir is for EVERY women. There is not best body type, best skin color or age for boudoir. I want to show you that you are, just like these other women who had the same though-process, beautiful.

You are beautiful. Let me show you.

10. I’m really excited about this, but feeling nervous. Is that all right?

Absolutely! It is completely normal to fell nervous on the day of or even weeks leading up to the session! Nearly every single one of our clients admit feeling this way and it actually makes your transformation from that much more impactful! 


Ready for own boudoir session?????  Contact us today!


Women Celebrating Body Positivity Facebook Group

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Why Boudoir? https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/love-boudoir/ https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/love-boudoir/#respond Wed, 31 Aug 2022 23:25:39 +0000 https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/?p=238735 The post Why Boudoir? appeared first on Emerald Fox.


Why We Love Boudoir Photography

It’s difficult to succinctly describe what it is about boudoir we love so much. Boudoir is about much more than just the finished (gorgeous!) photos. It’s about confidence and empowerment. About re-igniting your sexuality and accepting yourself. About body positivity. We love the experience of getting pampered in hair and make-up and the freedom you can only get from pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

All in all, boudoir isn’t about what you look like, but it’s about the way you feel about the way you look.

Many times, clients and friends are shocked when they realize we only shoot boudoir. We don’t do weddings, headshots, families, or any other type of photography. We love and live off making women look and feel beautiful, confident, and powerful.


It’s our job to do that for you. It’s our job to remind you that you are beautiful in the body that you are in today.

mirror images featuring cheeks


When you first walk in the studio, it’s normal to feel nervous. Some of our clients are super-freaked-out nervous! We are used to pre-shoot jitters – it’s all part of the boudoir experience.

After hair and make-up is done, after we’ve picked out the outfits, it’s time to pose. We always do a shot from behind first so that you don’t have to worry about your facial expressions from the get-go. We place you into a pose, snap a shot of your butt and then show it to you. 

This is when the nerves begin to disappear and the transformation begins to happen.

You’ve seen your butt in beautiful light, from a beautiful angle, and instantly start to realize that this whole thing could be a lot of fun!

Then, we’ll go through facial expressions and continue showing you the back of the camera.

Usually, it’s about 10 minutes in that the nerves are altogether gone. By the end of the session, we are like old friends! Many women begin to pose themselves or collaborating with us on ideas! Once it’s time to go, you’ll leave a completely different person. You’ll leave feeling confident and empowered. Best of all, you will finally feel beautiful. 



Emerald Fox is a team of two photographers, Annette and Nicole. We work together to empower as many women as we can. Annette was born in Kansas City, Kansas and lived in Colorado since 2015, while Nicole has lived here all their life.

Annette in her own boudoir shoot.

Nicole in her own boudoir shoot.

Annette started the business in August of 2020 (yep! Mid-pandemic!) and Nicole fit in like a glove when she joined in 2021.

You’ll get the chance to either request one of us or we can match you ourselves. While we both love boudoir and strive to make our photography styles as similar as possible, we do have slight differences and couldn’t be more different in personalities!

Annette tends to be more bubbly and is an expert in finding just the right angle to make you look like a goddess! If you have an insecurity that you share, she’ll work with you to ensure that your photos highlight the parts of your body that you love.

Nicole is more matter-of fact and has an insanely creative eye! She loves collaborating with you to create a photoshoot that is truly all about you and your personality! She loves coming up with new poses and trying new ideas and concepts.

Either way, you’ll leave feeling confident, empowered and have had and incredible and fun experience.

Beautiful woman with pixie cut poses in boudoir with window and teal sheets.


Click here to sign up for a phone consult to go over all the details!

Brunette posing on a red satin bed.
Bridal boudoir Blonde white
Women Celebrating Body Positivity Facebook Group

Click to join this group all about empowerment and support!

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The Boudoir Experience https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/boudoirexperience/ https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/boudoirexperience/#respond Tue, 30 Aug 2022 03:03:21 +0000 https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/?p=238690 The post The Boudoir Experience appeared first on Emerald Fox.


A Boudoir Empowerment Session with Emerald Fox


Read all about a client’s boudoir experience, right from their point-of-view!

Brunette with red lips softly touches her face over purple satin sheets

When I was asked to write about my boudoir experience with Emerald Fox, I was excited! I’ve always seen boudoir as something amazing, but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I ever thought it would be something I would do for myself. But after my best friend had her own experience with Emerald Fox in 2021 and raved about it, I slowly thought that perhaps I could do it as well. Her photos were gorgeous and I wanted to see if I would have a similar result too. Plus, after an intense break-up, I knew I needed some sort of pick-me-up. 

On the day of my boudoir photo shoot with Emerald Fox, I woke up with a bazillion nerves. I’ve never liked the way I look in photos and I knew I would be nervous, but I didn’t know I’d be THIS nervous! On their instructions, I’d washed my hair the night before and since I didn’t have to do my hair or make-up because it would be done for me at the studio, I didn’t have much to occupy my mind. I remember absent-mindedly doing a bit of cleaning as I waited until it was time to head out.

A peek-through boudoir image.

Getting Ready

After what seemed like hours, I finally arrived at the studio and was led into a hair and make-up room by a friendly hair and make-up artist. It was cute and welcoming, which immediately helped to calm my nerves. If so much thought was put into this space, I knew I was in good hands. I was immediately offered something to drinks and given some chocolates to snack on.

The hair and make-up experience alone was incredible! I’ve only gotten the professional treatment to these things once in my life (for my wedding day), so it was a huge treat to be pampered. Not only that – it was also so much fun!

The artist made sure to ask about my preferences and continually kept checking in to make sure I was happy with the progress and encouraged me to wear false eyelashes. I was reluctant at first, but am SO HAPPY she convinced me to do so because they really did make my eyes look that much more beautiful. Nicole, my photographer and Isabella, the shoot stylist, were also present during hair and make-up. Getting to meet them and chat really helped calm my nerves too!


 The Photo Shoot

After hair and make-up, I was led into another room and was instantly happy with the little studio. It was so cute, it smelled really good and was very clean! I could tell that a lot of care had been taken to keep the space looking great! Nicole showed me the Client Closet and I was awed at all of the beautiful options! She helped me pick out what to wear and what would look good on my body type and in which set.

Like I said, I NEVER like photos of myself. My biggest fear going in was that I would hate the photos.

I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

I’d, of course, seen photos on their website and instagram. Of course, I’d imagined what I might look like in some of the poses. I realized, afterwards, that in these imaginations, I always saw myself with my flaws front and center: putting my double-chin or a large belly or extra armpit fat.

I never imagined myself as beautiful.


Beautiful Me.

Nicole put my in the first pose on the couch that featured my back side (I was facing away from the camera) after she snapped it, she exclaimed, “Oh my god! Look how great your butt looks!” She ran over and showed me the image on the back of the camera.

I gasped.

“That’s my butt?!?!”

She nodded and then put me into the next pose. This one you could see half of my face. Before she took the photo, she instructed me to close my eyes and gave me specific instructions on how to breath. She looked at the back of the camera and came over to show me, “look how beautiful you are!”

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. I always look and feel ridiculous in photos that I’m not smiling, but somehow, by some miracle, there I was in this amazing pose, actually looking good! Looking like a gorgeous model.

“I can’t believe that’s me.” I said breathlessly.

The rest of the session was just as magical. By the time we moved away from the couch, I realized I wasn’t nervous anymore. I was having fun and was so excited to see what was next. I felt like a different girl. Newfound confidence I had never realized I was lacking was swarming all around me and literally inside of me.

I liked this girl! 


Black and White Backside Boudoir
Boudoir Image of a beautiful women lying in front of a bright window, covered in just a sheet.

After the session experience was over, I went home feeling like I was walking on air. I’d never realized that a simple photoshoot could have such a profound effect on me.

The Reveal Session

5 days later, I was feeling the nerves again because it was time for my Reveal. I went back to the studio and met Nicole. I was nervous that, perhaps, I wouldn’t like the photos or that my body didn’t perform as well as I had first imagined. I told Nicole eagerly, “I am really hoping that I like at least 5 of them!”

She laughed and said, “Well, I’ve got 76 good ones to show you.” Then, she opened her computer and as she showed me the first one – the same backside photo she had showed me on the back of the camera during the session and it was better than what I remembered! She kept going through and I loved every. single. photo. I was flawless. I looked like a model.

That’s not me!” I said. “That CAN’T be me!”

She laughed again, “It’s you! You are beautiful!”

“Did you do a lot of photoshopping?!?!” I asked, knowing that she would say yes.

But she didn’t.

“I actually didn’t retouch them at all! These are all you!” 

She explained that any of the photos that I chose to purchase would go through a simple retouching process, but these ones she’d only don’t a quick edit and color fix.

Boudoir Image of a beautiful women lying in front of a bright window.

As we looked through them a second time, I just couldn’t believe it.

I’d never been the pretty girl. I rarely wear make-up and consider myself to be more boxy and boy-ish. When I was a kid, I’d always thumbed through magazines and felt ashamed that I didn’t look like  the beautiful women inside of it. But suddenly, it was me who was the beautiful woman. I was finally the pretty one.

– Emerald Fox Client


Women Celebrating Body Positivity Facebook Group

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Conquering Excuses https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/boudoirexcuses/ https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/boudoirexcuses/#respond Fri, 26 Aug 2022 00:09:50 +0000 https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/?p=238673 The post Conquering Excuses appeared first on Emerald Fox.


Conquering Excuses


When you think about doing something outside of your comfort zone and feel the nerves start to creep up, it’s easy to make excuses.  It’s easy to quickly think of reasons why you shouldn’t do it and dismiss the thought. This applies to boudoir too!

When you think of a boudoir session, it’s so easy to come up with excuses for why you shouldn’t do it – you might think you need to lose 15 pounds or think you’ll do it as soon as you have more disposable income. The truth is – these thoughts and feelings are normal, but you CAN do it! Let me show you that no matter the excuse, you are worthy of looking and feeling beautiful!

Boudoir pose lying in front of couch.
angel wings in a power pose

  1. I’m too busy for a boudoir empowerment session.

As women, we often put it on ourselves to take care of everyone else. We want to make sure that our family and friends are cared for and supported. To do that, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves too. Instead, when you take the time to care for yourself FIRST, you can better care for others. You can be the best version of you! The best mom, the best friend, the best wife, etc.


This information, I’m sure, isn’t new to you. You know that you need to take time for yourself, but there is always that excuse popping up or that feeling that you just don’t have the time. Take a moment, right now, and remind yourself that you need to fill your cup before you can successfully fill others.


When you do a boudoir empowerment session with us, you get to focus only on yourself. You get to care for yourself and be the one that is pampered and cared for by others.





2.  I’m going to do a boudoir session as soon as I lose ten to fifteen pounds.

You are beautiful in the body that you are in today. Truly beautiful. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we should look a certain way or have a certain type of body, which is simply crazy.


Take a moment and imagine that body type that the media and the fitness industry portray as the only desirable look. This body type only encompasses 5% of women. ONLY 5%!!! People that have something to gain by us believing there is one ideal body type have sold us this crazy idea that only 5% of women can physically attain.
When I look back at pictures of myself anywhere from one to many years ago, I am always struck by how beautiful I was and how I never appreciated it! Most women that wait for a session end up wishing they would have done it earlier, so they’d have those photos too look back at.
Women that were nervous in a bigger body to do a session have looked at their final photos in shock, for the first time in a very long time (or perhaps for the first time in their lives), truly seeing their genuine beauty.


smiling lady poses for emerald fox
purple hair and purple sheets - boudoir

3.  I don’t feel sensual or sexy anymore – I’ve lost touch with my feminine side.

This excuse is my favorite because it is actually a reason TO do a boudoir session! 

Loosing touch with this side of ourselves is normal. We are all busy with kids/work/friends, etc. and it’s easy for our hectic and crazy lives to get in the way. Doing a boudoir session is actually a really great way to reignite that part of ourselves. You’ll be coached on how to get into the poses, so no worries on looking goofy or silly. Women leave their session feeling strong, confident, feminine and sexy! In fact, more than one client has told me about a “boudoir shoot baby”! 😉

Another thing to keep in mind: If being sexy really just doesn’t feel like you, we can focus the session more on showcasing your beautiful side, rather than your sexy side. Further, you don’t even have to wear lingerie. I’ve had tons of clients pose in chunky sweaters, sports jerseys, band shirts, their partner’s shirt or even a cute sundress!

a back arch in white and pink lingerie

4. I can’t afford a boudoir session.


A boudoir session is an investment, but it’s also an investment in you! You are worth it. 

At Emerald Fox we also offer super flexible payment plans! You don’t even have to finish paying off your payment plan before all of your digital images and/or any products are delivered to you! 

Our payment plans start at just $50 a month, so you can afford it too!


4. I’m awkward/shy/too afraid/nervous.


If I had a dollar for each time a client told me they were awkward…. 

The funny thing is that this NEVER turns out to be true! I’ve had ladies swear all through hair and make-up that they wouldn’t be able to do the poses and warn me that they’d need tons of coaching only to simply fall into the poses effortlessly.

The thing is that a boudoir shoot is something outside of most any women’s comfort zone and I think this is the exact reason you SHOULD do a shoot. Getting outside of your comfort zone is empowering! Think how amazing you will feel leaving the session. You’ll have just conquered your nerves and your fears, plus gotten to see your beautiful images on the back of our camera. You’ll walk on air for days!

mirror images featuring cheeks

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Getting to know you: Nicole Edition https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/nicole/ https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/nicole/#respond Sun, 13 Mar 2022 22:41:23 +0000 https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/?p=238308 The post Getting to know you: Nicole Edition appeared first on Emerald Fox.


Getting to know you: Nicole Edition

What does she do?

A photographer with us at Emerald Fox, she captures your true beauty in every shot. She is there to find your best angles and get them in every shot. When she’s in the groove, you can see the excitement as she captures each amazing photo. When the shot is really good, she will show you the back of the camera so that you too can see just how amazing you look fully unedited. With Nicole as your photographer, I guarantee you will feel comfortable and truly beautiful. After she finishes the shoot, she takes meticulous effort to edit your photos. Making sure that each photo is color corrected and contrasted in a way that shows off your best features. She sees your beauty, and she’s here to show you.

Q and A with Nikki

What got you into photography?

The famous story amongst friends and family, my uncle took downtown for the weekend when I was about 10. He took me to this rooftop so we could shoot the sunset in downtown Denver at the most prime location. He had such bliss and confidence when he had the camera in his hand. I was in ah. Over the next following years my uncle would take me to his studios downtown, on photoshoots, and even gave me my first film camera on my 17th birthday. The first moment downtown at the age of 10, I knew, know matter what, I was going to be a photographer. Chasing smiling faces and racing to get that perfect sunset, I can’t imagine my life in any other way.


Why Boudoir and do you enjoy it?

Boudoir is truly my passion. People are works of art. Every one of them are endlessly beautiful. At the end of a session, I know I was able to capture someone’s beauty, this beauty that they don’t necessarily see. How in the world could it get better than that?



What’s your favorite thing about boudoir?

I love that I always walk away learning something new. Everyone is different and everyone’s beauty is captivating. I love learning something new with every shoot. Whether that be posing, lighting, or even learning about different personalities. I also love that I get to see gorgeous individuals daily and show them how breathtaking they are!



What’s your favorite film or TV show at the moment?

Well, I’m super into films, you see. So narrowing it down is a big challenge. Films that have impacted my life include; Shutter Island, Pulp Fiction, and Yes man. The films that I will never say no to include;  Fight club, Donnie Darko, The Social Dilemma. I also love films that have great actors. For instance, any movie with Scott Mescudi in it, or James Franco, or Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jamie lee Curtis



What are your hobbies outside of photography?

I really love Hiking, snowboarding, skateboarding, paddleboarding. To sum up, anything outside really.



What are your goals in life?

To never lose my sense of adventure and my boldness to go after what I want. 

I have new goals every week and once I conquer them I start new ones. Similarly, I do the same for my longterm goals. My goals are always met, but if they aren’t I either learn something huge and try harder or I adjust them to my new views on my life.



Favorite musical artist or song?

Music is also a huge passion of mine. I can’t even narrow it down. In short, it would be a long paragraph.



Is there anything that you would like to tell past and future clients?

You are insanely beautiful. It’s my passion to show you. Boudoir is fun and relaxed. It is not as high pressure and scary as it seems. To me, it’s art. The vibes are always carefree and I promise if you’re in the studio with me you will laugh and smile your nerves away.

Nicole posing in a boudoir photo by Emerald Fox.

A True Creative

Not only is Nicole a wonderful photographer, she is also a videographer and production assistant. Get ready to start seeing her name in credits at the movies, because she is gonna go far! A true workaholic, who always has something going on. They say it takes a lot of work to live your dreams and I know that’s exactly where Nikki is headed. Her photos have blown me away from day one, since then she’s only grown in her talents. Her favorite subjects in school were digital media and history, which I think says so much about her. She learns from her past and strives for better herself in her art. I can’t think of anyone better to capture your moments in history.

Nicole Overall

This woman is always ready to go with a Rolodex of vision up her sleeve. She states that if she could change one thing about herself, it would be to not overthink as much as she currently does. I understand that, but I also see it as a huge strength. Nikki is almost always beyond prepared for anything that comes her way, and when she isn’t her amazing wit and determination will come out to save the day. She is a truly unique person, who can do anything she sets her mind too. As someone who sees her individuality, she sees that in others and loves to celebrate that.

Come on in and see just how amazing Nicole is! She’ll have you feeling so beautiful by the time you leave.

You are beautiful, let us show you!

– Kassidy

The Emerald Fox Team

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I Put Myself in My Clients Shoes for A Day

Here’s What I Discovered

Boudoir isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, but that being said, it really isn’t easy. There is a lot that goes into it that takes a lot of time and effort. For example, if you don’t want body hair in your pictures it takes time and effort to get rid of it. If someone is there to do hair and makeup, like we have in our studio, that will help take some of the effort away, but it’s still time. Then there is the thinking about what to wear or what to bring. It can all be very overwhelming. I am so happy I work for a company that thinks about all of those things for our clients. We do our best to make sure that it’s a relaxing and empowering experience, rather than leaving that all up to clients and making it all more stressful.

We are here to celebrate ourselves, not put ourselves through torture. I believe the saying “beauty is pain” is wrong.


The Start

I started off by making sure I had gotten rid of any body hair that I didn’t want showing. Then, I exfoliated and moisturized. I didn’t want any dry or flaky skin for my boudoir session. It was a lot of work, but I looked good! Next, it was hair and makeup time. I didn’t have a stylist helping with mine, so I did my own and, boy, did it take longer than the professionals. Once I was happy with it all, I packed my bag of clothes and props. These included my ukulele, my record player, a few outfits that make me feel amazing, and some things from around my house that bring me joy. When that was all finished, I made my way to the studio for my session. It’s a different feeling being on the other side of the camera, so the nerves were getting to me.

The Studio

At the studio, I was greeted by my photographer, Nicole. She made me feel at ease, offering an assortment of beverages and chocolates. Then, we got into the nitty gritty. I pulled out all of my clothes and props for her to see and found a few items I liked from the client closet. Once we had an idea of 3-4 outfits and what location we were going to start, we got into the posing and photography parts. I had shown people how to pose before, but never saw myself in those poses. It was nerve racking trying to think about being confident when I don’t usually parade around in such revealing clothes. The more I got in my head, the more Nicole helped hype me up and snap me out of it.

The Ending

As we finished the shoot and I was leaving the studio, I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Thankful for the experience of getting on the other side of the camera and thankful for my wonderful body. Going in, I could point out all the things I hated about my body, but at the end, I kinda loved all those things. They made me different and have made me who I am as a person. My stretch marks and moles and even my body acne, all help add to the beauty of my body. This amazing feeling faded as time went on, until the moment I got to see me in all my glory at the reveal. Nicole was there again to keep the hype going, and I was in awe looking at myself in a way I hadn’t before. 

Since then, I have done a few more boudoir shoots in front of the camera. It’s still such a vulnerable experience, but well worth it for the confidence and power gained back. If you are even jokingly thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, I say do it! You wont regret the experience and you will get copies of the images to look back on later in life. 

You are Beautiful, let us show you!



The Emerald Fox Team

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Hey, Gorgeous!

Today we are talking about Implied Boudoir. Implied posing is one style that we offer during your shoot, typically towards the end of your ninety-minute photo shoot session. We want to point out that this style of posing is one hundred percent optional. It is totally up to you if you would like to do it, and we would never pressure you if it isn’t something you are interested in doing!

Implied is a style of posing in which you are “implying” that you are either topless, bottomless, or nude. You are not actually showing “anything.” As a matter of fact, you are posed so that nothing shows! Magic.


Implied Posing Boudoir


Implied posing requires specific placement of the arms, hands, legs, and sometimes feet, to keep everything hidden. At Emerald Fox, we typically feature our implied images using a sheet to cover!

So… what’s the point? An implied boudoir image is very fun and teasy. It leaves more up to the imagination than a topless image or full nude image. Not to mention that they can be so much fun for a partner to look at! 

Implied posing can be more risque or it can be a little softer. Our Emerald Fox poses lean more towards being cute and fun, and have a pin-up flare. Any  facial expression pairs well with our implied poses such as the open mouthed “sigh out,” or a mysterious smile, or even a smile that tells everyone how much fun you are having! 


If you have any ideas for a specific implied pose that you would like to try, we absolutely love when our clients bring inspiration to their shoots. It is a good idea to screenshot poses that you love on our Instagram, and then we will make sure that we tried all of your favorites at the end of your session! A few good places to find cool implied poses are Instagram and Pinterest. 


Nervous? Don’t be! We will be sure to make you comfortable every step of the way. It’s totally normal to get butterflies – most importantly, it’s up to you on whether or not you try out implied! Again, we’d never ever pressure you into it if you aren’t 100% sure! 


Now that you know all about implied poses, though… which ones would you try?

– Emerald Fox

brunette poses with navy sheet
blonde poses with navy sheet
stunning lady uses a purple sheet to cover herself

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Getting to know you: Isabella edition

What does she do?

Professional hype woman Isabella will ensure that your session is as easy as pie. A true posing guru that will demonstrate each pose and assist with the little details to ensure it’s as perfect as you are. As she is posing you, she will straighten straps and adjust hair as needed. No more wardrobe malfunctions caught too late with her around. She not only helps take a load off your mind with posing tips and trick, but she helps as an extra pair of eyes for the photographer catching your best angles and accentuating your favorite features!

Q and A with Izzy

What got you into photography?

I have been taking photos since I was young and applied to my freshman year high school portfolio with some shots at age 15. That year, I was able to take an advanced photography class, which taught me a lot. Since then, I have always enjoyed taking photos of people. Portraiture and travel photography would be my favorites to work with.

Why Boudoir and do you enjoy it?

It is a beautiful way of showing the beauty in someone. It allows you to show others how beautiful they are even if they might not think so themselves. We can truly transform someone’s image that they have of themselves and give them the confidence to love their body.

What’s your favorite thing about boudoir?

I love lingerie, working with different body types, and finding what position works best for each person.

What’s your favorite film or TV show at the moment?

The Office will always and forever be my favorite, hands down. I watch it on repeat, but recently Escape the Chateau DIY

What are your hobbies outside of photography?

Painting, DIY crafting, Traveling

What are your goals in life?

To move to Europe. Be able to make a living while exploring the world. Create and make a living doing what makes me happy.

Favorite musical artist or song?

The Beatles

Is there anything that you would like to tell past and future clients?

This experience is great whether it’s for yourself or for someone special. It allows you to really express your beauty in the way YOU want to.

Warrior Woman!

Isabella takes inspiration from her mother, who has lived in Europe, spent ten years in school, is very artistic, and even created her own company. Who wouldn’t be inspired with a mother like that. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. In the time that I have gotten to work and know Izzy, I have seen her shine just as much! Not only has she stepped up to the plate whenever needed, her creativity shines with each pose she guides clients into.

Isabella Overall

When I say that this woman is one of the most kind and fun loving people I know, I truly mean it. When we aren’t exchanging ideas, we are exchanging stories and dreams for life. For instance, she has helped operate a kitten and puppy adoption center and recently spent time in Paris, which she says was a dream. She stated that her biggest insecurity was her social anxiety. If I hadn’t have asked her for this blog, I would have never guessed. She can hold a room with her charm and composure. Once you meet her, You’ll know just what I am talking about. By the end, she’ll have you feeling confident and beyond beautiful!


However, you shouldn’t take my word for it. Come on in and see for yourself.

You are beautiful, let us show you!


– Kassidy


The Emerald Fox Team



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Embracing You and Your Imperfections https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/embracingyou/ https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/embracingyou/#respond Fri, 14 Jan 2022 19:35:50 +0000 https://emeraldfoxboudoir.com/?p=238210 The post Embracing You and Your Imperfections appeared first on Emerald Fox.


Embracing You and Your Imperfections

Girl Laughing in Empowered Women Empower Women Sweatshirt

We are all our own worst critics

Aren’t we all super hard on ourselves? Eventually, we all look in the mirror and stare at ourselves and pick at everything that we don’t like. Comparatively, we don’t really do that when we look at others. This phenomenon is strange yet, at the same time, understandable. We can’t really change the appearance of others and at the same time, society puts in it our head that we need to change our own to fit their standards. As a matter a fact, I was one of those people that stared way too long and wished that certain things could change on my body. They never did.

What can we do about it?

It may seem pointless at this point, like no matter what you do you will never have the body that you would like. Sometimes that will be the case. We are all built so differently, but stick to the same standard for beauty. Thin with no cellulite, toned, and with a natural glow. I know that I never fit that standard. As a size 15 in high school and would watch girls at a size 10 get picked on. Most of my time was spent in the shadows, until I found my safe space. 

Once I had my safe space, I was able to grow into my body. It was perfect for me, but I didn’t realize it then. We only get one body in this life, why should we spend that time being mean to it and wishing it to change. Would I tell all those mean things to my younger self? 

If you can’t be positive, be neutral

Some people really find it hard to be kind to themselves. You don’t have to go about ranting and raving about your imperfections if you aren’t feeling it, but you don’t have to be mean to yourself either. You can just accept them as a part of you, whether permanent or temporary. Seeing that everybody has imperfections, why are we fighting so hard to get rid of them?

This process isn’t easy, but it can be done. We can remain neutral about our imperfections and thankful for the great things our bodies are capable of. For example, you walk, run, eat, sleep, breathe, and live, all thanks to your body. It deserves our respect and love, even it we aren’t super happy with it. In the end, the body you have is the only one you get. Be kinder to it.

Why are you telling me this?

Boudoir is such an intimate art. When you are in front of the camera it can feel so vulnerable. Not only are you revealing more skin that you may be comfortable with in the day to day, you are doing it in front of a stranger. That can be a very scary and nervous feeling. That being said, we want you to know that we are here for you! Each of our photographers are selected because they see the beauty in everybody. Without a doubt, each person is special and we think you deserve the chance to see that.

Our trained photographers will help you with posing along the way to show off the things you love and help distract from the things you might not. Additionally, they are wonderful hype women! Throughout the shoot, they will help remind you just how beautiful you are! Though, we won’t transform your body in any way, we do understand bruising and blemishes are temporary, so we will happily remove those. Not only that, we can also do a bit of body smoothing for unwanted cellulite.

Girl in apron holding cupcake above butt


Do you have to be in shape to do Boudoir?

Nope! Everybody can do a boudoir session. All it takes, is the openness to the experience.

What if I really don’t like a part of my body?

Not a problem, that’s what our photographers are here for. If you mention what you don’t like to your photographer, they can adjust posing a bit to ensure your experience. However, some posing may not switch, because we want to give you the chance to see your body in a new way. Who knows, you just might be blown away!

What if I would like to showcase my imperfections?

Hurray! Most importantly, we are so proud of you and would love to help show the beauty in your imperfections!

Can you make things like my butt bigger or stomach smaller?

Because we believe in the beauty of each person, we wont do any major body edits. That is to say, you are beautiful just the way you are, and we would love the chance to show you just how beautiful your body is without those edits.


You are beautiful,

Let us show you!




The Emerald Fox Team

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