Located just off I-225 in Denver, CO

Located just off I-225 in Denver, CO

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Conquering Excuses


When you think about doing something outside of your comfort zone and feel the nerves start to creep up, it’s easy to make excuses.  It’s easy to quickly think of reasons why you shouldn’t do it and dismiss the thought. This applies to boudoir too!

When you think of a boudoir session, it’s so easy to come up with excuses for why you shouldn’t do it – you might think you need to lose 15 pounds or think you’ll do it as soon as you have more disposable income. The truth is – these thoughts and feelings are normal, but you CAN do it! Let me show you that no matter the excuse, you are worthy of looking and feeling beautiful!

Boudoir pose lying in front of couch.
angel wings in a power pose

  1. I’m too busy for a boudoir empowerment session.

As women, we often put it on ourselves to take care of everyone else. We want to make sure that our family and friends are cared for and supported. To do that, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves too. Instead, when you take the time to care for yourself FIRST, you can better care for others. You can be the best version of you! The best mom, the best friend, the best wife, etc.


This information, I’m sure, isn’t new to you. You know that you need to take time for yourself, but there is always that excuse popping up or that feeling that you just don’t have the time. Take a moment, right now, and remind yourself that you need to fill your cup before you can successfully fill others.


When you do a boudoir empowerment session with us, you get to focus only on yourself. You get to care for yourself and be the one that is pampered and cared for by others.





2.  I’m going to do a boudoir session as soon as I lose ten to fifteen pounds.

You are beautiful in the body that you are in today. Truly beautiful. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we should look a certain way or have a certain type of body, which is simply crazy.


Take a moment and imagine that body type that the media and the fitness industry portray as the only desirable look. This body type only encompasses 5% of women. ONLY 5%!!! People that have something to gain by us believing there is one ideal body type have sold us this crazy idea that only 5% of women can physically attain.
When I look back at pictures of myself anywhere from one to many years ago, I am always struck by how beautiful I was and how I never appreciated it! Most women that wait for a session end up wishing they would have done it earlier, so they’d have those photos too look back at.
Women that were nervous in a bigger body to do a session have looked at their final photos in shock, for the first time in a very long time (or perhaps for the first time in their lives), truly seeing their genuine beauty.


smiling lady poses for emerald fox
purple hair and purple sheets - boudoir

3.  I don’t feel sensual or sexy anymore – I’ve lost touch with my feminine side.

This excuse is my favorite because it is actually a reason TO do a boudoir session! 

Loosing touch with this side of ourselves is normal. We are all busy with kids/work/friends, etc. and it’s easy for our hectic and crazy lives to get in the way. Doing a boudoir session is actually a really great way to reignite that part of ourselves. You’ll be coached on how to get into the poses, so no worries on looking goofy or silly. Women leave their session feeling strong, confident, feminine and sexy! In fact, more than one client has told me about a “boudoir shoot baby”! 😉

Another thing to keep in mind: If being sexy really just doesn’t feel like you, we can focus the session more on showcasing your beautiful side, rather than your sexy side. Further, you don’t even have to wear lingerie. I’ve had tons of clients pose in chunky sweaters, sports jerseys, band shirts, their partner’s shirt or even a cute sundress!

a back arch in white and pink lingerie

4. I can’t afford a boudoir session.


A boudoir session is an investment, but it’s also an investment in you! You are worth it. 

At Emerald Fox we also offer super flexible payment plans! You don’t even have to finish paying off your payment plan before all of your digital images and/or any products are delivered to you! 

Our payment plans start at just $50 a month, so you can afford it too!


4. I’m awkward/shy/too afraid/nervous.


If I had a dollar for each time a client told me they were awkward…. 

The funny thing is that this NEVER turns out to be true! I’ve had ladies swear all through hair and make-up that they wouldn’t be able to do the poses and warn me that they’d need tons of coaching only to simply fall into the poses effortlessly.

The thing is that a boudoir shoot is something outside of most any women’s comfort zone and I think this is the exact reason you SHOULD do a shoot. Getting outside of your comfort zone is empowering! Think how amazing you will feel leaving the session. You’ll have just conquered your nerves and your fears, plus gotten to see your beautiful images on the back of our camera. You’ll walk on air for days!

mirror images featuring cheeks



Don't take my word for it!

See for yourself -

"I have felt so empowered ever since you were kind enough to include me in your work! It's crazy seeing myself in a positive light and I owe it all to this experience - I think every women needs to do this."


"I couldn't believe that I could look like that! My session with Annette was a confidence booster for sure!"


"Wonderful experience with Emerald Fox! I am obsessed with the photos Annette took of me, they turned out beautiful and it was such a fun experience! THANK YOU!!!!!"