Located just off I-225 in Denver, CO

Located just off I-225 in Denver, CO

I offer two types of sessions

But you can always go with both, so you don’t have to choose! 

I offer two different types of sessions: Pin up, and boudoir. The photos that result from these sessions are totally different – but the feelings and process during each are pretty similar.

 Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography at Emerald Fox is all about the chance to realize you are beautiful! It’s a chance to see yourself through the lens of someone who loves you for who YOU are – like your spouse or best friend!

Oftentimes, women tend to look in the mirror and instantly see their flaws. A boudoir session is the chance to see yourself in a new light!

Each boudoir session includes professional hair and make-up, access to our client closet, 60 – 90 minutes of shooting time, pose and facial expression coaching and professional retouching.


Pin-Up  Photography

The difference between pin-up photography and boudoir photography, is primarily in the photos themselves! Pin-up sessions are going for that vintage, sexy, pop-of-color look you recognize. It’s nostalgic, and so, incredibly fun! We customize the props for your session to make sure we get the look you’re going for. Sexy librarian? You betcha. Baking cupcakes? We’ll make it happen. Whatever the inspiration behind your session, we’ll make it come to life.

Many women will do add on a pin-up set to their boudoir session or will shoot the entire shoot in a pin-up style! The choice is yours!