Located just off I-225 in Denver, CO

Located just off I-225 in Denver, CO

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The Biggest Myths about a Boudoir Shoot

Mar 20, 2020

1. You need to lose weight first.

This is by far, the most common misconception about boudoir. You DO NOT need to lose weight before your shoot. In fact, boudoir is about embracing who you are and your body exactly as it is. Despite any fitness goals you may have, you will look beautiful in your images! Let me show you!

2. You’re too old.

My favorite shoots are milestone celebrations! I have photographed many women over 50 and love the confidence and sensuality they bring to their shoot! The older you are, the more you deserve to love and celebrate you body! I’ll help you with wardrobe and posing to look your best.

3. You have to get naked. 

You really don’t have to! (If you WANT to, it’s certainly an option). Honestly, you don’t even HAVE to pose in lingerie. There are plenty of sexy poses in a t-shirt or chunk sweater, if that is what you are comfortable with. However, Even if you don’t think you will want to pose in lingerie, I’d encourage you to bring at least one piece with you to your shoot, so that, if you decide you want too, you’ll have something you love!

4. Boudoir is expensive and you shouldn’t spend money on it. 

You are right. Boudoir is expensive – it is a luxury product and a luxury experience. However, it is also an investment into YOU!

A speciality haircut and color can cost upwards of $250 and that needs to be re-done every few months. Boudoir photography will last forever and it is something you can think back on and relive through the photos whenever you need the confidence booster. A lot of moms tell me that they feel guilty spending money on themselves. But, boudoir helps you to feel empowered and helps you to become the best version of yourself. Your kids deserve the best version of you!

5. Your boudoir images will be posted online.

At Emerald Fox Pin-Up and Boudoir, we take boudoir pictures very seriously and would 100% NEVER post any images of you with your express permission. Although I will love your photos and want to show off your absolutely stunning images to the world, if you want them private, your request will be absolutely respected.

6. You need a spouse/partner to gift the photos too.

While it is a beautiful gift to your spouse or partner, why not do a shoot for you? I shoot a lot of brides, pre-wedding to gift the photos on their wedding night, but they all agree – after the fact – that it was more a gift for themselves.

What fears do you have about a boudoir session? I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message, and I’ll answer any questions you have.



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"I have felt so empowered ever since you were kind enough to include me in your work! It's crazy seeing myself in a positive light and I owe it all to this experience - I think every women needs to do this."


"I couldn't believe that I could look like that! My session with Annette was a confidence booster for sure!"


"Wonderful experience with Emerald Fox! I am obsessed with the photos Annette took of me, they turned out beautiful and it was such a fun experience! THANK YOU!!!!!"